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In addition to his blog "A Catholic Jew Pontificates", Athol Bloomer writes a "Jewish Catholic Prophecy" blog, http://yidmick.blogspot.com/. The header tells us that

This is a blog to discuss Jewish and Catholic prophecies for the period called the end of the times of the Gentiles. Prophecies given to Aharon are received through the charismatic level of prophecies not through apparitions or inner locution. Thus they have a lower level of authority and are more open to error than the higher gifts of prophecy through apparitions and inner locution.

What exactly is "the charismatic level of prophecies"? I haven't heard of this. Are his prophecies delivered during meetings of the Charismatic renewal? He doesn't explain.

The oldest post is dated Janury 24, 2007, so this would appear to be something new that has arisen in the life of Athol Bloomer. I've gone through the prophecies and here are some highlilghts.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 - He begins with a prophecy for Australia and the West, not surprising since he was born in Australia and still has relatives living there. In this prophecy he speaks of a "red haired woman" who is the "humble Warrior for Australia who will become Prime Minister in 2011. He tells us "A prince of the Royal House will come to rule over Australia and found a dynasty of Australian Royalty that will reign in each State. The Great Monarch will reign as Emperor of the World in holiness." And further: "From Canada the High King and his brother will restore the United States to its nationhood under the Crown. No more a Republic but the Royal Kingdom of the United States of America- once more united after the Great Split during the time of disasters beginning in 2008. The Evil Woman of America will be destroyed in 2010 and the wicked leaders with her."

We are also told that "In 1993 Aharon received a prophecy that the labour government would lose the next election and that John Howard would be elected."

Thursday, January 25, 2007 - "Pray much and intercede for the World and especially for America to which I have sent my Australian son as a spiritual vessel of prayer...Woe unto those dioceses that reject my servants...great chastisements will befall those places that do not honour my Eucharistic Chapels..."

Monday, January 29, 2007 - "I am anointing you to proclaim my acts to the World by your daily life. I will love in your loving. I will act in your acting. I will pray in your praying. I will work in your working. Ponder, think and express your intellect but always united and rooted in your heart."

"Listen to my prophetesses Wendy, Vassula and the hidden one who proclaims me as Returning King. I have risen Wendy up from my children who speak with the voice of Paul to your generation, I have risen up Vassula from my children that speak with the voices of John and Andrew, and the hidden apostle from the children of the chair of Peter, the source of unity for the wounded Body. I am anointing these three women from the three flocks of my predilection - Listen to their voices."

Here they are:

Wendy - Does this look like one of God's prophets to you? Or does this look like a slick money-making operation?

Vassula - There have been numerous Roman Catholic warnings about the errors of this seer. The Eastern Orthodox have also rejected her as is noted at that website. Yet Athol Bloomer, who claims in his bio: "I am loyal to the infallible teachings of the Catholic Church and obedient to the Pope" disregards the warnings and promotes this woman.

The Hidden One - Her name is Anne, and the website sells her publications. I see that they are planning an Israel tour. I don't know of a judgment yet made in her case. Medjugorje Magazine is promoting this seer.

Rick Salbato has inquired of the organization about the imprimatur for the books being sold. It has been issued by a Philippine bishop despite the fact that the organization seems to be based in the United States. The organization refused to release the name of Anne's bishop. Here is Salbato's summary:

Okay, here's what new information I have at this moment. DFOT claims that the Imprimatur was granted by a bishop Escaler, of the Philippines, because the "Volumes" are all printed and published in the Philippines. Turns out that bishop Escaler retired in 1997(thanks, Lauretta!)--the first Volume of "Anne's" messages, however, seem to have been printed and published in 2003. According to canon law (824), only the local ordinary can grant the Imprimatur, so if bishop Escaler was in fact retired at the date of first publishing, the Imprimatur is invalid.

However--all this appears to be a moot issue--in doing a search of these "Volumes" at various online bookstores, a curious fact arises--none of them are listed as published in the Philippines. The Veritas online bookstore lists the publishers as either Veritas Warehouse in Dublin, Ireland, or Marian Publishers in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Amazon.com lists the publisher as "Soul Assurance Prayer Plan", which is connected with Marian Publishers, also located in Illinois.

It's also an interesting development that contact e-mail address for Marian Publishers in Chicago is also the same e-mail address for the person I've been in contact with at DFOT. Now, according to the Marian Publishing website, the President of Marian Publishing resigned, in order to devote "100% to Direction For Our Times". It also goes on to say that Marian Publishing will now be the distributors for "Anne's" Volumes. Here's the weblink for Marian Publishing. [The link at the website doesn't work. Apparently Marian Publishing has changed their URL. - ct]

It's also interesting to note that the Marian Publishing website says that they're waiting from the Imprimatur from Rome. Why? I thought that they already had the Imprimatur from bishop Escaler? Curious!

Curiously once again the Philippines turns up. It's worth noting. Who is the bishop?

To be continued...

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