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I'm sure you remember the story of THE DAVINCI CODE (TDVC), right? You remember that central to that story is the claim that Mary Magdalene brought a child of Jesus to France. You remember that two of the authors of HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh sued Dan Brown for copyright infringement claiming Brown lifted his story out of the pages of HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL. I trust you also remember that Carl Olsen and Sandra Miesel debunked TDVC, as did Amy Welborn; each of them pointing out the historical errors in the tale. And lastly, you remember how damaging this story was to the Catholic faith, right?

Now comes Brit-Am making the same claims that Baigent, et.al. made in HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL (HBHG).

First, a quote from HBHG:

At Pepin's coronation bishops for the first time were authorized to attend with rank equal to that of secular nobles. And the coronation itself no longer entailed the recognition of a king, or a pact with a king. It now consisted of nothing less than the creation of a king.

The ritual of anointment was similarly transformed. In the past, when practiced at all, it was a ceremonial accoutrement--an act of recognition and ratification. Now, however, it assumed a new significance. Now it took precedence over blood and could "magically," as it were, sanctify blood. Anointment became something more than a symbolic gesture. It became the literal act whereby divine grace was conferred upon a ruler. And the Pope, by performing this act, became supreme mediator between God and kings. Through the ritual of anointment the Church arrogated to itself the right to make kings. Blood was now subordinate to oil. And all monarchs were rendered ultimately subordinate, and subservient, to the Pope.

In 754 Pepin III was officially anointed at Ponthion, thus inaugurating the Carolingian dynasty. The name derives from Charles Martel, although it is generally associated with the most famous of Carolingian rulers. Charles the Great, Carolus Magnus, or, as he is best known, Charlemagne. And in 800 Charlemagne was proclaimed Holy Roman Emperor--a title that, by virtue of the pact with Clovis three centuries before, should have been reserved exclusively for the Merovingian bloodline. Rome now became the seat of an empire that embraced the whole of western Europe, whose rulers ruled only with the sanction of the Pope.

In 496 the Church had pledged itself in perpetuity to the Merovingian bloodline. In sanctioning the assassination of Dagobert, in devising the ceremonies of coronation and anointment, in endorsing Pepin's claim to the throne, it had clandestinely betrayed its pact. In crowning Charlemagne it had made its beytrayal not only public, but a
fait accompli. (Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln, HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL, p.255-256)

Now let's turn to "The House of David and the Lost Tribes" at the Brit-Am website. There, under the sub-heading "Jewish Descendants of David" you can read:

Meanwhile Gaul was being conquered by the Franks after which it became known as France. The early ruling house of the Franks was that of the Merovingians. These wore their hair long and often had Hebrew names. They were friendly towards the Jews and it is believed that some of their aristocracy converted to Judaism or at least were well influenced by it. Different Researchers have identified the Merovingians as from the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Dan. The Merovingian dynasty was to be displaced by the Carolingians but the possible presence of Jewish nobles or Israelites who were conscious of their origins amongst the early aristocracy of France places a different perspective on later developments.

The Arabs had conquered the whole of the Middle East, North Africa, Spain, and part of Southern France. Charles Martell defeated them in battle and saved France from Moslem domination. Charles Martell was not a Merovingian but he made himself de facto ruler, while his son Pepin formally usurped the monarchy. Henceforth, the Carolingians (named after "Charles" [Carol] Martell) replaced the Merovingians. The first Carolingian monarch was Pepin (751-768), the son of Charles Martell.

Athol Bloomer is given credit at the end of the article with "Dan".

Check out Athol Bloomer's "Carolingian Frankish Hebrew Catholic Dynasty" here. On the first page Pepin I and Dagobert I appear. On the second page of the Dynasty notice that a number of entries are marked "Exilarch". According to the Jewish Encyclopedia an Exilarch is the

Title given to the head of the Babylonian Jews, who, from the time of the Babylonian exile, were designated by the term "golah" (see Jer. xxviii. 6, xxix. 1; Ezek. passim) or "galut" (Jer. xxix. 22). The chief of the golah or prince of the exiles held a position of honor which, recognized by the state, carried with it certain definite prerogatives, and was hereditary in a family that traced its descent from the royal Davidic house. The origin of this dignity is not known. The first historical documents referring to it date from the time when Babylon was part of the Parthian empire, and it was preserved uninterruptedly during the rule of the Sassanids, as well as for several centuries under the Arabs.

In Athol Bloomer's "Carolingian Dynasty" website, webpage 3, Charles Martel, Pepin III, and Charlemagne appear.

Something else of interest...In Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln's follow up book to HBHG, one sub-section is devoted to Archetype and Myth. There symbols are discussed:

Archetypal symbols have an even broader frame of reference. They pertain not to a specific individual, but to mankind as a whole. The phoenix, for example, with its connotations of death and rebirth, is a typical archetypal symbol. So, too, is the unicorn, traditionally associated with virginal purity and mystical initiation. (p. 178)

Brit-Am uses a unicorn in its website.

Next let's turn back to Athol Bloomer's prophecy blog. On Monday, February 12, 2007 is an entry "Prophecy of the Swine". There you can read:

Beware my people the rise of the swine. In your midst a demonic herd of swine are about to possess the nations through those who serve the purposes of the Evil One....The red hogs shall come from the north and east to terrorise and slaughter your people, the blue pigs from the west from England and the Americas to steal your freedoms....I will loose my people from the blue pigs of America first and I will raise up a leader who will be a New Arthur to lead them into a New Camelot a people of the Grail and of my Will. They will unite with my remnant in the midst of Europe - a leader will rise in Germany and at his side will be the one who I have Anointed for War - the Warrior Ephraim a descendant of David and of Louis the Holy and pious King of the French. The flower of Europe's royal tree. With his brother Manesseh a mighty ruler in Joseph they will lead my armies to victory after much bloody struggle....Many will die, Europe will lie in ruins and many nations will exist no more...

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