Thursday, July 12, 2007


Q: What would you advise the organized Jewish community to do in light of this decree [Motu Proprio]? Voice their concern? Sit back and relax?

A: We should continue to say our prayer, the Aleinu, that thanks God for not having made us like the nations of the world and that has not assigned us their portion and that asks God to bring the end of days and transform all humanity into worshippers of the one true God we know in the Torah. The Catholics used to pray that we would give up our (from their perspective) unfaith and would see the light. It’s a fair exchange, and God will resolve the matter in the end of days, as the Aleinu says.

Q: How do you think the decision will affect the future of Jewish-Catholic relations?

A: The two religions will continue to disagree on basic questions and will continue to seek and find ways of working together in the common goals that vastly outweigh the differences. There is no turning back.

Professor Rabbi Jacob Neusner, quoted at Jewish Ledger.

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