Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The Catholic Church in Australia has 4.2 million stray sheep. They outnumber active Catholic churchgoers six to one, and there are more of them than Australian Anglicans, practising or not.

Most of the lapsed Catholics, baptised as babies, confirmed as children and married in the church, have long ago drifted away, disillusioned by sexual abuse allegations, caught up in the rush of daily life or estranged from the church's position on divorce, contraception or women's ordination.

Nobody really noticed them gone.

Until now. A year before World Youth Day, the biggest religious gathering in Australian history, the Catholic Church is serious about reconnecting with its prodigal sons and daughters.

I think they are starting to worry about the television coverage.

Read the whole story.

Novus Ordo Watch has linked this Australian parish that is trying to celebrate Corpus Christi's second birthday by having everyone dress up as something beginning with a "C". Take a look at what they got, including Mrs. Sheahan the Clairvoyant and Canuck the Chainsaw Murderer. Why were these particular parishioners chosen to represent the parish with pictures on the website? I wonder if they went to Mass dressed that way?

Mission territory!

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