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Senior Fellow at the Acton Institute.

Profiled by Rush Limbaugh this way:

A major influence on Bush has been a very interesting man called Marvin Olasky. Professor Olasky is both a sports writer and a Presbyterian elder. He was born Jewish, turned atheist at 14, then became a member of the Communist party. Some years ago he became an evangelical Christian, and is now a middle-of-the-road conservative. He believes in the free market, but with a social conscience.

Professor Olasky, as well as everything else, runs a magazine, has set up a centre for 'effective compassion', and is a member of The Acton Institute, a religious think tank. He says his earlier interest in socialism has influenced his present conservative thinking.

Hmmmmm. I wonder what his next incarnation will be? And how long he will stick with it? In any case he has a lot in common with the founder of the Acton Institute who is also good at reinventing himself.



Member of the Board of Directors at Acton.

Gerald Renner mentions him in a dust up over an Atlanta, Georgia private Catholic School:

Board members of the Donellan School before and after the sale include Frank Hanna III, a multimillionaire businessman well known in Georgia for his support of conservative Republican causes, and a member of Regnum Christi, the Legion's organization for laity that stresses loyalty to the pope and submissiveness to the will of the Legion's priests.

While the order does not publicly outline its ambition for a network of schools, the movement is significant for several reasons. Not least, it enjoys the favor of Pope John Paul II. The order's standing with the papacy appears to remain unshaken despite serious allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against its founder, Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado, by former priests and seminarians. The allegations became public in 1997.

If you have time, read Renner's entire account of the tactics used at this school and the high rate of turnover the takeover by the Legionnaires has caused.

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