Monday, July 30, 2007


If Benedict was intending to get our attention with his recent two announcements, he probably couldn't have chosen a better time to make them.

Rome shuts down for vacation during the month of August. Benedict's vacation has sort of extended August back into July, since nothing much happens in Rome when the Pope isn't around. And so what we are left with is talking about the Tridentine and the fact that once again we have been told that the Catholic faith is the one true faith. That and the sexual abuse scandal.

Although Joseph-USA probably won't like it, I will probably not have a lot of time this week to concentrate on trying to ferret out news of interest Catholic on anything but my current research project. The real world is making unusual demands right now, and I can't ignore them. Hence less blogging time.

If I do happen to run across items of interest, though, you know I'll post them in Running Off.

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