Wednesday, July 25, 2007


A Polish Catholic charity has refused to take a donation from the Rolling Stones for the families of 26 Polish pilgrims killed in a coach crash last week.

The group said it would donate money from ticket sales from its concert in Warsaw to the families of those who died in the coach crash in France.

But the Caritas charity said it wanted nothing to do with the band's offer because the concert was taking place during a period of national mourning for the dead which ends at midnight tonight.

There is a possibility the concert might be cancelled in an effort to avoid corruption of Polish society:

Local authorities and the government confirmed they would be consulting a list being drawn up by an NGO called the All-Polish Defence Committee Against Sects (OKOPS), which tries to track down corrupting influences on Polish society and youth.

And government ministries and local authorities said they would use it as a basis of deciding which bands will be banned from performing, and there were fears that it might mean a ban for the Stones concert.

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