Sunday, July 08, 2007


Dom has linked Fr. Philip N. Powell, O.P.'s blog in which he explains the six-stage process by which the liberals will undo Benedict's Motu Proprio. In the comments boxes one reader has already unearthed evidence that Fr. Powell is spot on with a reference to Fr. Joseph S. O'Leary's Spirit of Vatican II blog in which Fr. O'Leary wades in with his protest right on cue.

Fr. Powell is simply brilliant with this part of Stage Four:

The third and final process of "reading the text" is called "Greasing the Differance Machine." Here the text is fed through an assembly line of English grad students at UC-Berkeley. These underpaid, overworked slaves of the Man deconstruct the linguistic fabric of the papal arguments, that is, they hook into the holes/absences in the language-weave and unstring the logics of identity and presence that dominate the chaotic play of meaning-making. Using the most recent research from France, the student-monkeys "unpile" the layered metaphorics of power and debug the codes of oppression that wave from the alleged "center" of the text. All of this results in a shredded pile of pulp wood product and ink. In other words, we can ignore it.

"Student-monkeys"! I love it!! May they take note--we've been warned.

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