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"Hebrew Christian and Crypto Jewish Connections"

In writing of the Blessed Virgin Aharon Yosef (AY) presents the Sophiology that has come out of Russia:

The Virgin is the much sought after Wisdom or Sophia...She is the feminine aspect of Shekinah that went into Exile with Adam and Eve.

The Jewish Encyclopedia tells us that the Shekinah is "The majestic presence or manifestation of God which has descended to 'dwell' among men." Sophiology labels the mother of Christ a goddess. This is contrary to Catholic dogma which proclaims The Blessed Virgin to be fully human. The Catechism of the Catholic Church #971 makes the distinction between adoration of God in Three Persons and devotion to the Mother of God.

AY continues:

Thus the Frankists had a liberated view of the role of woman and woman played an important role in their movement. They were prophets and mystics of great respect...They saw that returning to Eden before the Fall reversed the curse that divided the sexes. They were new Adam's and the new Eve's - the Lords of Creation. The Virgin was seen by Frank as one of the Cherubim/Seraphim who guarded the Garden of Eden. She was the Queen of the Cherubim and Seraphim. Satan or Samael had once been Lucifer, the Ruler of the Cherubim and Seraphim. The Seraphim were holy fiery Serpents and thus Satan took the form of a fallen Serpent or Seraphim. Jesus is symbolized by the Bronze Serpent (a Seraph) on the Cross or Pole in the Book of Numbers. The Two Cherubim of the Garden are the two Cherubim of the Ark of the Covenant - they are Jesus and Mary in Eternity as Metatron and Matronita, the male and female aspects of Shekinah. Entry back to Eden (Paradise/pardis/bliss) is through these two Cherubic Hearts. The Frankists wanted to return to the conditions of Paradise where man was naked before God. Some Frankists like the Adamites took this literally and prayed and meditated naked causing scandal to others.

This is Sophiology. Taken to it's conclusion it requires a fourth hypostasis of the Trinity. The Blessed Virgin/Sophia shares deity with Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Sophiology, via Vladimir Soloviev, derived from visionary experiences of a woman who first appeared to Soloviev while he was studying the Kabbalah. Sophiology has significant Gnostic overtones. Gnostics desire to reunite masculine and feminine into the state of original purity.

Jesus as Metatron has no place in Catholic theology. It is a Jewish name for an angel according to Wikipedia. The source is the Talmud. Intermingling Jewish spirituality with Catholic spirituality in this manner makes confusion of both.

AY continues:

The Frankists were misunderstood and slandered by many inside and outside the Church. The Frankists believed that it would only be by joining Rome that the true mystical message of the Jewish people would become universal. They had a vision of being a Jewish leaven in Catholicism, which would move the Church Universal in a more mystical and spiritual direction. They wished to renew the Church on its early Jewish foundations leading to a 'new' Church of all people in an era of peace.

This is a picture of Frankists shared by no other source that I have been able to find, and once again AY has provided no source.

Jewish film director Aran Patinkin is making a film about Jacob Frank titled "Through the Smoked Glass". In the description of this film Patinkin tells us:

On Yom Kippur (Jewish Day of Atonement) 1759, Frank homosexually molests one of his male followers in front of all his believers."...

The Christians did not believe that Frank sincerely converted to Christianity, and he is brought to court. The court exposes the cult secrets. Frank is found guilty and is jailed in a remote castle of Chenstochov. The believers continue to visit him there. He accuses them from his imprisonment and orders them to beat each other. Frank copulates with his wife in front of his believers, and orders one of the visiting Frankists to do the same. He demands his followers obey him unconditionally. In 1774 the journey of rectification continues. Frank proclaims his own sixteen years old daughter to be the inheriting Messiah, and takes her virginity in public in order to qualify her for her historic role.

It seems that Aharon Yosef is the only Jew who believes Jacob Frank can be rehabilitated.

In the closing paragraphs of his Pontification, AY once again links the Frankists with the Irvingites, the Catholic Apostolic Church, the Scottish Freemasons, the ecumenical movement, and Pentecostalism/Charismatic Renewal. He tosses in one additional element that I will use to close this look at AY's Pontification:

The Catholic Apostolic Church of Drummond practiced exposition of the Blessed Sacrament which they called Proposition. This custom was especially strong among the early pre 1835 movement drawing on the Eucharistic Adoration movement of the Roman Catholic Church which was strong at this time in Catholic Europe. Joseph Wolff was familiar with this practice in Bavaria in his childhood and also in Rome. The aristocratic and gentry families connected with this early movement practiced Adoration of the Sacrament in their private chapels in their homes. They also had a devotion for the Blessed Virgin Mary influenced by the Catholic and Orthodox devotion to Mary growing at this time.

With that passage AY gives us a peek into the heresy on the right.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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