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Volume 01, Number 76 | Friday, July 20, 2007


The Blood That Saves

In the month of July the Church meditates in a special way upon the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. While it may seem strange for a religious people to be devoted to something as earthly as blood, it is not just anyone's blood that we meditate on. It is the Blood of the Paschal Lamb who was slain for the sins of the whole world, and we truly worship His Blood as the perfect sacrifice which sanctifies us.

The Old Testament gives us abundant evidence of the sanctifying power of blood. For example, the blood of Abel cried out to God from the earth when he was killed by Cain. Moses instructed the people of Israel to apply the blood of a lamb on the doorposts and lintels of their homes in Egypt in order to be saved from the destroying angel, and then he sprinkled the blood of the covenant over the people to purify them and strengthen them to keep God's commands. King Solomon established the cult of blood sacrifice of animals as Israel's primary form of worship and atonement for their sins. A blood sacrifice even averted a plague in the time of David. Blood, therefore, had an undeniable significance for the people of Israel as expiation for sins, protection from evil and as a means of consecration.

The New Testament tells us, however, that there is one perfect sacrifice of blood which surpasses all others. This sacrifice is the Blood of Christ "which speaks more eloquently than the blood of Abel" says the Book of Hebrews (12: 24); Hebrews also says that It cleanses our consciences to make us capable of true worship and St. Paul adds that It has the power to break down the barrier wall of animosity between God and man. We know that Christ's Blood flowed from His pierced Heart on Calvary as a font of sacramental life of the Church, and St. Peter's first letter describes this Blood as precious "beyond all price, the blood of a spotless, unblemished lamb." (1:19) Truly, there is no greater gift in all eternity than the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ!

So if this Blood was shed for each one of us, how do we receive Its full benefit? Simple. We spiritually "apply" the Blood of Christ to things and people for their sanctification. This is done by an act of imagination, will and prayer on our part, especially at the moment of consecration at Mass. Because Christ's Blood can dissolve bonds of evil and sin we can spiritually "cover" our loved ones and friends with the Blood of Christ if they are living immoral lives or immersed in environments of great sin. Imagine a rain of Precious Blood gently falling on your son or daughter in their home or workplace. One may bring a loved one spiritually to Calvary and place his hand on the wood of the Cross so that the Blood of Christ will flow down and seep into the very depths of his being. This happens by our willing it and by the depth of faith with which we make our prayer.

We can also bring a person, spiritually, to the altar at Mass, and when the priest raises the chalice at the moment of consecration, place her in the chalice to be immersed in love and detached from her sin. These devotional exercises do not replace the sacramental grace of Confession of course, but they apply the Blood towards the salvation of our people.

There is no greater force of spirit and life than the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. It is our protection from the evil one, our detachment from sin and our sanctification in all circumstances of life. It brings conversion, enlightenment and peace when we apply it to all the needs of the world, especially the greatest need: the salvation of souls. That, after all, is why It was shed!

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Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,
President, Human Life International

P.S. Stay tuned for next week's Spirit and Life on the Precious Blood as it relates to our work in the pro-life movement. This will be an excerpt from my upcoming book on Exorcism.

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