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It's only available in a cached version of a my Catholic network webpage. From the website:

We are all familiar with the Mosaic tradition of Judaism, from which the modern day observants of the Jewish faith come. But many scholars believe that Jesus’ theology was much more consistent with an older alternative form of Judaic theology, based on the patriarch Enoch. Enochian Judaism existed before the division of nations among the Jewish people, and was therefore more reflective of the unity that existed in Mesopotamian and Sumerian culture. Enoch was the seventh patriarch in succession from Noah, and was deeply mystical in his approach to the divine. He possessed the “secrets of Heaven and Earth,” and “walked with God”. He was skilled at divination and astrology, and gave the Jewish people the solar calendar. And it is from this Sumerian High Priest that a sect of priests known as “Keepers of the Secrets” was born.


The links at the website all go to the same webpage that offers nothing further.

Is that webpage the same "Spiritus Project" as this webpage? Because if it is, this is the gay church.

This appears to be the book that is the source for claims about Enochian Judaism.

The UCLA website lists the book on its Virtual Qumram website. Enochian Judaism can be found under the Second Temple period.

At the University of North Carolina Charlotte website are remarks by Prof. James Tabor Delivered at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, 1997. From the remarks:

I think the evidence is strong, both internally and externally (dating of the texts--paleography/C-14), that the crisis of belief that this text reflects had come to a climax in the mid-first century B.C.E. In other words, surely by the time of the Roman invasion of Palestine (63 B.C.E.) and the reign of Herod the Great (37 BCE), such hopes and expectations had been severely tried and found wanting. I do not think the more general movement completely perished--that is what Boccaccini refers to as "Enochian Judaism" or as I would prefer: the Messianic movement in Palestine--from the Maccabees to Masada. It might well be the case, however, that as a specific party or school of thinking (the Yachad), the strict adherents to the figure of the Teacher of Righteousness were dispersed or largely faded away.

Enochian Judaism turns up at the Daily Grail website. The essay is entitled "Turning the Hiram Key" by Robert Lomas:

I have developed an hypothesis that modern Freemasonry was created by William St Clair during the building of the Chapel at Roslin. I believe that he drew on various religious traditions, such as Enochian Judaism, Phoenician Goddess worship, Christianity and the Norse mythology of Freyja. ..the path of Freemasonry evolved from a mix of some of the oldest teachings on spiritual growth.

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