Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Offering a variety of the Law of Attraction clothed in religious jargon, Grant Swank at The Conservative Voice offers a viewpoint on church controversy that looks like a page taken out of the Christian variety of the Appreciative Inquiry handbook. Imagine what would happen in a Catholic church where this attitude were officially taken toward those who raise concerns. When you've done so, you will have an idea of what Vibrant Parish Life is attempting to do in the parishes of the Cleveland Diocese.

The concept here in Cleveland hasn't been couched in terms of "Satan vs. us" that is the basis of this article, but the "don't be negative" sentiment is the same and has been made obvious to those of us who looked into Vibrant Parish Life. Talk about marginalizing those who raise an alarm, the letter in the article has the potential for real hatred to be fostered.

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