Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Intrigued by a candlelit basement chapel filled with Gregorian chant and burning incense, 11 teens gathered at St. Francis de Sales Church in Newark, Ohio, for what would become the first Dead Theologians Society meeting.

Ten years later, the now-Wisconsin-based Catholic apostolate devoted to teaching high school teens and university-aged young adults about the lives of the saints is making its debut in Canada.

In late May founder and director Eddie Cotter Jr. visited St. Justin Martyr Parish in Unionville, Ont., to discuss how to start a parish chapter this September.

“It is a cutting-edge idea, it’s a challenging program, (and) it’s not entertainment based like a lot of (youth) programs out there,” said St. Justin Martyr pastoral assistant Cale Clark, who will co-lead the program with pastor Father Joe Singh and other adult volunteers.

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