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Hebrew Christian and Crypto Jewish Connections

Picking up where I left off yesterday...

According to Aharon Yosef (AY) the followers of Sabbatai Zevi/Jacob Frank took their religion to England where a group called the Adamites was founded. "They went naked in their rituals and meditated nude" indicating that the sensual overtones of this sect were transported with them. Unfortunately that is reminiscent of the priest who claims to say Mass in the nude--the papal latinist who teaches at the Greg which I posted the other day.

AY continues:

When Sabbatai Tzvi rose to prominence some of the Adamites traveled to join him. He mated with Eva the daughter of the chief Adamite leader.

"Mated" is not married. That would seem to be a clear admission that Zevi was immoral. Nevertheless, according to AY "Jacob Frank and the Frankists have been slandered by history through their enemies in the Jewish and Catholic religions. One would have to conclude that Gershom Scholem, who is Jewish and a significant authority on Jewish mysticism, "slandered" the Frankists in order to believe what AY has pontificated without documentation.

But it gets better!

He and his followers were accused of sexual depravity because of the deep 'theology of the body' that Frank taught.

Yes! Theology of the Body. The same title John Paul II used for his book on sexual relations.

AY claims that the Jesuits

understood Frank and his ideas and they were his supporters. Unfortunately the Jesuits themselves were under attack by many negative forces in the Catholic world and were suppressed in 1773 however they continued to exist in the Russian Empire as the Czar refused to allow the Jesuit's suppression in his territory and they continued their work in the Russian provinces of Poland....the Baal Shem Tov and some other Hasidim opposed Frank publicly, in secret they respected his great sanctity and knowledge. Like the Baal Shem Tov, Frank disliked the dry intellectualism of the Judaism of his day and he championed the common man's spirituality. His spirituality was down to earth and practical, similar to what Catholics later would call Opus Dei (the Work of God).

Do Opus Dei priests dance around in the nude, one wonders? Not that I've ever heard!!

From those startling and undocumented statements AY moves on to discuss the "Universal Messianic Religion that would come forth from the present Catholic Church". He speaks of an "Ecumenical Church that would through the Virgin's leading usher in a universal era of peace where the hidden mysticism of the Zohar would be fully understood and deepened as the Torah of Atzilut."

So according to AY, the Blessed Virgin is going to lead her Son's Church back to Judaism which will become the universal religion. And

He foresaw that Poland would be the place that would prepare for the coming universal transformation (by the Divine Will) of the earth in the coming Messianic Era of Peace. He saw Poland as a place to be in the turn of 'night' before the great era of light that was coming. He foresaw a Slavic or Polish Pope who would draw on the insights that his follower's descendants in Poland would spread in spiritual and mystical circles among the common people. He also foresaw a great role for the Jews and for the French in this coming time. He foresaw a united Catholic Europe under a Great Catholic Monarch called Messiah ben Ephraim (or Messiah ben Joseph) a Catholic descendant of King David and a descendant of the Stuart Kings.

All of that presumably comes from Jacob Frank. While it would seem that AY is predicting the reign of John Paul II, once again we are told this without documentation.

Frank also developed a deep mystical 'theology of the body' based on the teachings of the Zohar. It was earthy and sexual while being mystical at the same time.

There it is again--Theology of the Body. Is AY attempting to imply that John Paul II took the title of his book from the immoral teachings of Jacob Frank? What chutzpah! I would simply dismiss this outright were it not for research I did in occultism and reported in this blog titled "Messianism and Adam Mickiewicz", dated July 19, 2005, which bears an uncanny resemblance to what AY has written. The blog is too long and involved to include here. If you have an interest, please go over there and read it.

Returning to the Pontification:

His enemies and even some of his Frankists midunderstood these teaching and distorted and misrepresented them. Some of his followers took these teachings into an occult direction such as his relative Moses Debuchka. Frank also correctly perceived that the Catholic Church...of his time was not fully ready for his insights so that he and his followers must practice 'holy silence' outside the Frankist's circles. Through their silence they must become a Jewish leaven in Catholicism from which in the fullness of time would emerge 'holy knowledge' (Daat) hidden within the Zohar which would be universalized for the benefit and enlightenment of all

That is a description of plans for infiltration.

The Roman Catholic Church is suffering through a major sexual abuse scandal.

Jacob Frank preached an earthy and sexual mysticism.

There is little doubt that Pentecostalism has found a home in Roman Catholicism, and now we are told by Aharon Yosef that the Jewish mysticism of the heretics Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank were instrumental in the founding of Pentecostalism.

Aharon Yosef claims Frank's beliefs have been enthroned within the Roman Catholic Church.

To be continued.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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