Friday, July 06, 2007


I saw my oncologist this morning. She has seen the bone scan results and talked with the radiation oncologist. She is still not convinced that what is showing up in the bone scan is anything more than arthritis. She has seen this sort of thing before in a patient. She had the patient go through a battery of tests to determine what they were dealing with and found the additional tests tend to be non-conclusive. As it turned out the patient didn't have cancer in her spine, but she turned into a basket case over the tests. Bottom line, the recommendation is to wait and see with another bone scan in a month or two. In any case, the treatment wouldn't change even if it has spread to my spine, since it's already been present in the lymph nodes on both sides of my body.

Cancer, it seems, has become a chronic disease in some cases, and not always a terminal illness. And my case seems to be among them. There isn't any hope for a cure, but life isn't over yet, either.

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