Monday, July 02, 2007


Top leaders in the Archdiocese of Chicago responsible for complaints about predatory priests kept their positions or rose in the church in the aftermath of the Rev. Daniel McCormack's 2006 arrest, according to archdiocesan reports and interviews.

Vicar General George Rassas was elevated to auxiliary bishop. Chancellor Jimmy Lago was named the primary point person on child abuse cases. Leaders from the offices of Vicar for Priests to Protection of Children and Youth stayed in key posts.

And Cardinal Francis George -- whose handling of the McCormack matter led to calls for his resignation -- appears poised to be elected president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Meanwhile, elementary school Principal Barbara Westrick, who reported McCormack to civil authorities, lost her job. The archdiocese said the two matters involving Westrick were unrelated.

Westrick complained publicly about the cardinal after being admonished by the archdiocese for not alerting authorities sooner about McCormack. The archdiocese said Sunday that other individuals were also disciplined but that details were "private personnel matters."

McCormack, 38, is expected to plead guilty today to sexually abusing five boys and receive a five-year prison term, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times. He could serve as little as 2• ½ years.

Nothing is going to change so long as the Old Boy Homosexual Network remains in place, and apparently it remains in place in Chicago. Business as usual.

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