Wednesday, July 18, 2007


SEOUL (UCAN) -- A Korean bishop has warned Catholics not to join activities organized by devotees of a controversial Marian shrine, and he urged priests to educate parishioners on the matter.

Bishop Boniface Choi Ki-san of Incheon on June 29 released a pastoral directive forbidding Catholics from joining Naju shrine devotees, who held a Mass in his diocesan territory, just west of Seoul. The Church in 2005 rejected the alleged miracles associated with the shrine, which began more than two decades ago in Naju, 285 kilometers south of the capital.

The bishop also released a 14-page letter titled "Theological and Pastoral Reflection and Directive Related to Julia Youn of Naju." In it he urges priests to use homilies to educate parishioners on the matter as well as on proper Marian devotion.

Despite earlier warnings, Bishop Choi said in his pastoral directive, "some 700 followers of Julia Youn Hong-sun of Naju joined a liturgical event in Bucheon celebrated by a Korean priest from Atlanta diocese, in the United States."

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