Saturday, June 30, 2007


An article by Tal Brooke in the Spring 2007 issue of "SCP Journal" offers some interesting comments. The article is titled "Sanctioned Mockery and the Rise of Attacks on Christians." Here is what Brooke wrote in part:

The reality is that in film after film attacking the Christian Faith you have been looking at the credits and seeing prominently displayed the names of a trigger-sensitive minority who have helped produce and often directed the films. Ironically, they have been busy at work in the culture, introducing hate crime bills that would ban any critical speech against them, while they have been harping on their own persecution and building expensive museums around the world about their victimization and suffering. The double standard is outrageous, but no one dare protest above a whisper.

You wonder quietly to yourself whether you are really seeing a pattern here (just the fact that you are seeing the pattern may prove that you are just a bigot blinded by prejudice, as many would tell you). If you are the average Christian, this may take years for you to work through if you ever see it at all. Chances are it will be easier for you to look away. You've been taught in prophecy class that God's chosen people remain so no matter what they do (a view that jettisons almost 1800 years of classic doctrine). You might reflect to yourself that it is amazing how rearranging a few verses out of context can change the course of history, blinding true believers to the truth. Strong delusion may well be at our doorstep.

Of course, to mention this incongruity might come at a great cost. Your character and private life might be decimated as you are singled out as a "person of hate," should you dare to speak above a whisper. Such has already happened to those who crossed the line and then lost their jobs or worse. Better to bite your tongue and wait for braver people to come forward. Better to remain hidden deep within the vast silent majority of mild-mannered and placid sheep surrounded by distractions--call them spiritual couch potatoes. As opposed to the courageous Christians of the first century, today's sheep are easy to herd and intimidate.

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