Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I DID not know what awaited me when I was invited to conduct a series of inner mind development seminars in Warsaw and Poznan by the Institute of Valeology headed by Irena Galinska-Musiol.

Since Poland is 95-percent Catholic, an even higher percentage than the Philippines', I expected a greater degree of resistance to my ideas and teachings.

I was wrong! Over 200 people attended my Introductory Lecture at the Ethnological Museum in Warsaw.

I was featured in "The Unknown World," the largest esoteric magazine in Poland, interviewed on television and on radio. Another well-known publication in Poznan, whose name roughly translates into "Fortune Teller Magazine" but actually features metaphysical and spiritual topics, also did a long interview with me.

It was a dizzying and hectic 12-day trip. My wife Yoly, who accompanied me, complained that she hardly had time to do some shopping and sightseeing. But I told her this first trip would not be the last but was only the beginning. This turned out to be correct.

The institute asked me to sign a three-year contract to conduct a series of seminars in Poland. Another agreement I signed was a contract for the Institute to translate and publish three of my books into Polish. The books are "Soulmates, Karma & Reincarnation," "The Magicians of God" and "Exploring the Powers of Your Inner Mind."

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While you're reading, don't miss that little tidbit at the end of the article:

Before I left Warsaw, I was told that they got money from the EU to fund a seminar on Creative Thinking and Problem Solving. Next March I will be back in Poland to teach this subject and conduct my other inner mind development seminars.

So, does the EU fund Catholic programs too?

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