Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The following bit appears in an editorial by Alessandro Zangrando, in the Summer 2007 issue of "Latin Mass Magazine", titled "The Appointments and the Disappointments of Pope Benedict":

Another thorn in the side for Benedict is "his" Congregation, that of the Doctrine of the Faith, the Holy Office. William Cardinal Levada doesn't appear to have the acumen necessary for that position. In addition, it is public knowledge that there are frequent tensions between Levada and the Secretary of the same Congregation, the Salesian Angelo Amato. The move to replace Levada may involve sending him to the United States to head an American diocese. Speculation points to New York when the 75-year-old Edward Cardinal Egan retires. There are also rumors of transferring him to Washington, D.C.

The first names are already circulating regarding the replacement of Levada. Among them is the Austrian Cardinal, Christoph Schonborn, author of a recent forceful critique of evolution. Included as well, is Angelo Cardinal Scola, Patriarch of Venice, an intellectual of great depth, moderate in manner, and admired by the Pope.

A third name that surfaces, though much feared by conservatives, is that of Bruno Forte, Bishop of Chieti, who for a long time has had his eye on that Dicastery. He is a much discussed theologian of hyper-progressive leanings who recently has tackled the subject of the Resurrection in very ambiguous terms. Very close to the mind of the superecumenical Cardinal Kasper, Forte enjoys the friendship of the philosopher-mayor of Venice, Massimo Cacciari. Cacciari was invited to introduce the Pope's most recent book, together with Cardinal Schonborn.

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