Thursday, June 21, 2007


Check out his blog. He has taken on Most Holy Redeemer Parish and the plans of San Francisco Catholic Charities to skirt the Vatican directive forbidding homosexual adoptions by working with a non-Catholic adoption agency. According to Fr. Malloy's blog:

In fact, Catholic Charities, an arm of the Archdiocese, will actually supply staffing to "Family Builders." And who are "Family Builders"? "We're about the gayest adoption agency in the country," Jill Jacobs, director of Family Builders by Adoption (which runs the network California Kids Connection), told the Bay Area Reporter, a homosexual newspaper.

In addition, Fr. Malloy links a video of last year's Gay Pride Parade which features, among other things, pics of the participation of Most Holy Redeemer Parish and Saint Agnes Catholic Community participation.

The opening pics in the video are pornographic, and Father makes no apologies for posting the link to the video on his website. You have to see it to know what he is talking about. The opening scenes are about the saddest display of confused humanity that I've seen in a long time. Why on earth would anyone want to identify themselves by their sex organs? A brain is a terrible thing to waste!

If children were doing what these adults are doing in this video, parents would punish them. What do you do with a bunch of adults who haven't grown up? More importantly, what do you do with the priests who encourage them?

This year the Pride Parade, which will take place this weekend, is going live on the web. Father has a link to the parade website.

Check out Fr. Malloy's website, and beseech heaven for a hundred more like him.

Thanks to Catherine of Sienna for the heads up.

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