Friday, June 22, 2007


"Till death do us part." How many couples say the words without taking their meaning to heart? The recent annulment reversal of the Kennedy marriage has a parallel in Cleveland. Catholic Online reports:

In May of 2004, Mrs. [Bai] Macfarlane had asked the Cleveland Tribunal for an investigation of her marriage praying that the Church would advise her husband [Bud] that he never had a licit reason to abandon her to seek a civil no-fault divorce. According to the Catholic code of canon law, there are limited reasons to separate from one’s spouse (can 1151-1155). Those who agree to marry following canon law can never seek a civil separation or divorce unless it is foreseen that the civil judgments would not be contrary to divine law (canon 1692).

Bud Macfarlane was a well-known and respected Catholic apologist in the Cleveland area prior to his divorce. He wrote two books defending traditional Catholicism. Since the divorce I seldom hear his name. His ex-wife has always opposed his actions.

When Mrs. Macfarlane asked for the Tribunal’s intervention in May of 2004, the Cleveland diocese would not even accept her petition, and she, like Sheila Rauch Kennedy appealed to Rome for help. In January of 2005 the Roman Rota accepted her case, and on May 9th, 2007 her advocate submitted a written argument on her behalf.

After her husband had abandoned her, with the Mary’s Advocates project, Mrs. Macfarlane has connected with others throughout the country who are working to protect traditional marriage from the no-fault divorce, family separation routine, which is contrary to the promises both spouses made before marriage in any Christian tradition.

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