Monday, June 25, 2007


Lucy E. Carroll over at Adoremus Bulletin critiques communion hymns, looking for the ways the words we sing undermine our belief in Real Presence, including this comment on the hymn the borgs sang to God on their way up to receive the Eucharist last Saturday night:

This confusion continues as some hymns now tell us that we are to become the bread of life:

I myself am the bread of life
You and I are the bread of life
Taken and blessed, broken and shared by Christ.
(verse 2) This is our body
This is our blood
Living sign of God in Christ
(Rory Cooney: "Bread of Life". Text © 1987 NALR, published by OCP Publications).

So, are we all involved in this act of consecration? This is our blood? Is it any wonder Catholics are confused? It is only Jesus Christ who is the Bread of Life! And that bread is His Body, that wine becomes His Blood.

After reading this article, it is easy to see that the best thing Catholics can do in the contemporary Church is to refrain from singing ANY communion hymn until this abomination gets cleaned up. We might even manage to slip in a private word of welcome to the God who saves us provided we can drown out the annoying heresy set to music.

I wonder if these heretical hymns were concocted deliberately?

At this point, those of us who still believe in Transubstantiation should want to stand up and hurl those little paperback hymnals out the window.

Marty Haugen and many others whose music appear in Catholic worship aids are not Catholic; their interpretation of the Eucharist cannot be ours.

I can think of another place to hurl the books. Someone, afterall, who knows better is allowing this heresy to be sung in his church!

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