Friday, June 29, 2007


Why is the Acton Institute being promoted on the Global Oneness website? Seems like a conflict of interest. Notice the links over there on the left at the website? The Law of Attraction is one of them.

An article about the Acton Institute has this to say:

Professor Anthony Basile, in the September 1998 issue of Culture Wars, accuses Father Sirico of "portray[ing] poverty as the fault of the poor individual, and not due to social injustices," a fundamental departure from Catholicism.

It is not a departure from the Law of Attraction, however. In fact it is the direct result of this Rosicrucian thinking.

According to the article dated May 2001 the Acton Institute is funded by some odd sources given that this is supposed to be a Catholic endeavor. They include the Scaife Family Foundation, the Richard and Helen deVos Foundation, the John M Olin Foundation, and the Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation. Why are these foundations funding a Catholic effort, assuming it is a Catholic effort, that is? And what is the price Acton is paying in exchange for this foundation money?

The website says that Father Sirico "converts the Church's advocacy on behalf of the poor...into a paean for the free-market."

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