Monday, May 07, 2007


as reported by the Jamaica Gleaner News:

One of the most common practices in schools - if not the most common - is the practice of Blood Pacts. In past times, it was seen as a harmless and even cute means of two or more friends pledging their eternal commitment to remain friends forever. How is it done? Each person scratches or cuts a finger, then causes the blood to drip on to a piece of paper and writes his or her name with the blood, thus a lasting covenant is formed.

This practice has, however, evolved a far way, and the faade of innocence has been removed. Today, the young people who form Blood Pacts in schools make no pretence of their intentions - committing him or herself to the devil. Though there are varieties to this practice, the all have the same effect.

When making a Blood Pact made to the devil, the students chants the name 'Satan' or 'Lucifer' and uses the blood to make an upside down cross, or to write 666 - the sign of the anti-Christ, or other satanic signs.

In this article the recommendations for containment of the situation begins with an effort to conceal. It brought the "situation" in the RCC immediately to mind.

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