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Formerly of the Apostolic Formation Center for Christian Renew-All, and subsequently a promoter of Eucharistic Adoration, Fr. Martin Lucia was the celebrant at a Mass in which Julia Kim experienced a "Eucharistic miracle." The story is told at the marys-touch.com website:

The weather was superb on November 2. Fr. Martin Lucia, living in Texas and having traveled to more than 500 dioceses all over the world to promote Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, was one of the guest speakers at the conference. He wanted to see Julia and, together with Brian who was among the hosts at the conference, came to my sister’s house at 10 a.m., as Julia was staying there for a few days after the conference. Fr. Lucia asked Julia many questions for more than two hours, repeatedly saying, “Wonderful!” Then, he said that he was training 25 men (15 Americans, two Australians, two Filipinos, two Koreans, two Frenchmen, and two Poles) to continue and expand his work of promoting Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. He asked Julia to write a letter of encouragement for them. When Julia wrote a letter and gave it to him, he was overjoyed. Then, he asked Julia if it would be okay to have a Mass together there. Julia said, “Yes, if that is Father’s wish,” and asked Anna if it was okay with her. Anna said that she would be honored. Fr. Lucia asked Brian to prepare for Mass, and Brian was about to call St. Michael Center in Honolulu about the Mass. At that moment, Julia said to Father Lucia, “Father, if possible, can we have the Mass in a church?” Fr. Lucia asked Brian if there was a church in the neighborhood. Brian said that there was St. Anthony Church about 1 mile from there. Fr. Lucia gladly agreed to Julia’s suggestion, and Brian informed St. Michael Center about the Mass at St. Anthony Church. We took several photographs in the frontyard and left for the church.

A while after we arrived at the church, Thomas Pereira, director of St. Michael Center, arrived carrying the replica statue of Our Lady of Naju, which Julia gave to the Center after the conference. At the Mass celebrated by Fr. Lucia, there were Brian, Thomas Pereira, Julia, Julio, Anna and her husband, Richard Nakamura, Juliana from Korea, and myself. It was a quiet and holy atmosphere. I had some feeling that the Lord was going to show us something special. It was 2 p.m. when the Mass began. When Fr. Lucia consecrated the host and lifted It up, It radiated a brilliant light. After all of us received Communion and came back to our seats, Julia, sitting on my left, began shivering as if she felt cold. Fr. Lucia, who was cleaning the chalice, noticed this and came to Julia and held her hands tightly. I stood up and looked at Julia. She had her eyes closed and seemed a little worried about something. Her face, however, looked bright. A while later, when she opened her mouth, I saw that most of the Sacred Host had already melted but only a small piece still remained on her tongue, slowly changing into the shape of flesh and becoming larger. It became reddish flesh and was moving. Then, Its color changed into dark red. Red blood was flowing from It. Fr. Lucia continued holding Julia’s hands and was praying fervently. A while later, he said to Julia that it would be okay for her to swallow the Eucharist. I was in total shock after witnessing this stupendous miracle of the Eucharist.

I have put "Eucharistic miracle" in quotes because the experiences of Julia Kim have been disapproved by the Church according to the Catholic Apparitions of Jesus and Mary website.

How could such an event be disapproved? How could a Eucharistic miracle have a source in any other than the God of the Universe? Many ask such questions, and believe that the bishops who have rejected this "miracle" are merely pre-disposed to reject anything supernatural. Yet we have evidence within the occult community that such phenomena as bleeding hosts have occurred in settings that are diabolical. For example Satanist Eugene Vintras was also able to produce a bleeding Host according to Eliphas Levi:

In the visions of the new prophet there were everywhere lilies steeped in blood, angels habited like knights, saints disguised as troubadours. There after came hosts affixed on blue silk. Vintras had bloody sweats, his blood appeared on hosts, where it pictured hearts with inscriptions in the handwriting and spelling of Vintras; empty chalices were filled suddenly with wine, and where the wine fell the stains were like those of blood. The initiates believed that they heard delightful music and breathed unknown perfunes; priests, invited to witness the prodigies, were carried away in the current of enthusiasm. One of them, from the diocese of Tours, an old and venerable ecclesiastic, left his cure to follow the prophet. We have personally seen this priest; he has narrated the marvels of Vintras with the most perfect accent of conviction; he has shewn us hosts intincted with blood in a most inexplicable manner; he has communicated to us copies of official proceedings signed by more than fifty witnesses, all honourable persons, occupying positions in the world--artists, physicians, lawyers, a Chevalier de Razac and a Duchesse d'Armaille. Doctors have analysed the crimson fluid which flowed from the hosts and have certified that it was human blood; the very enemies of Vintras--and he has cruel enemies--do not dispute the miracles, but refer them to the devil. (THE HISTORY OF MAGIC, p. 334)

Levi goes on to recount the moral irregularities that took place at Vintras' masses, including the commission of the sin of Onan at the foot of the altar. It is reminiscent of the homosexual rites of the Apostolic Formation Center for Christian Renew-All. Those who are persuaded by spiritual deception are vulnerable to sexual indiscretion, if Levi is to be believed.

Even if true that the Korean bishop's conference which has the right and responsibility to rule on this apparition for the entire Church is persuaded by modernist tendencies as the promoters of Julia Kim claim, there is nothing to be gained by chasing after a condemned apparition. It is not required that we believe in even an approved apparition. We have the sacraments. We have genuine apparitions of the Blessed Virgin approved by the Church. We have the Scriptures and Tradition. Chasing after signs and wonders is an open door to spiritual delusion. Let the Catholic beware.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!



It is not the bishop's conference but rather the local ordinary who has been given the right and responsibility in the Church to make a ruling on private revelation.

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