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On Wednesday May 23 at 11:00 pm DST Richard Syrett and Victor Viggiani will interview Italian journalist Luca Scantamburlo.

Scantamburlo has written extensively about an interview conducted between Cristoforo Barbato and an unnamed Vatican Jesuit priest who has confidentially disclosed inside information about a clandestine meeting in 1954 at California’s Muroc Air Force Base (later named Edwards AFB) involving President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Los Angeles Bishop James Francis McIntyre and an extraterrestrial delegation.

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Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP, is the process of recording voices from beyond death on devices such as a tape recorder.

This website claims that the Vatican has been involved for decades in this process. From the website:

The Catholic church has even actively encouraged research directed towards Electronic Voice Phenomena. Two of the earliest religious investigators were Father Ernetti and Father Gemelli who stumbled upon the Electronic Voice Phenomena while recording Gregorian chants in 1952. Father Gemelli apparently heard the voice of his own deceased father on the tape saying, “Zucchini, it is clear, don’t you know it is I”. “Zucchini” was the childhood name of Father Gemelli. Pope Pius, the cousin of the Rev. Professor Dr Gebhard Frei was co-founder of the Jung Institute and was an internationally recognised and respected parapsychologist who worked very closely with Dr Konstantin Raudive, a pioneer of EVP working in Germany. Rev Frei stated: “all that I have read and heard forces me to believe that the voices come from transcendental, individual entities. Whether it suits me or not, I have no right to doubt the reality of the voices”-- Rev. Professor Dr Gebhard Frei.

Rev. Professor Dr Gebhard Frei died October 27 1967. In November 1967 at numerous EVP tape recording sessions a voice claiming to be Gebhard Frei was recorded. The voice was positively confirmed and identified by Professor Peter Hohenwarter of the University of Vienna as unquestionably the voice belonging to Dr Frei.

The Catholic religion became increasingly supportive of EVP research with several Vatican approved researchers producing compelling evidence for EVP. Father Leo Schmid, a Swiss theologist, collected more than ten thousand recorded voices in his book “When the Dead Speak” in 1976, published shortly after his death.

In England, in 1972, four senior members of the Catholic church became involved in the famous Pye Recording Studio tests conducted by Peter Bander. Father Pistone, Superior of the Society of St. Paul in England, said after the tests:

“I do not see anything against the teaching of the Catholic church in the voices, they are something extra-ordinary, but there is no reason to fear them, nor can I see any danger”. --Father Pistone.

A series of high and respected officials of the Catholic church subsequently lent support to EVP in what has now become a firm Vatican position of acceptance for these “voices from beyond”. The following definitive statement was issued by Father Gino Concetti at the Vatican:

“According to the modern catechism, God allows our dear departed persons who live in an ultra-terrestrial dimension, to send messages to guide us in certain difficult moments of our lives. The Church has decided not to forbid any more the dialogue with the deceased with the condition that these contacts are carried out with a serious religious and scientific purpose”

Printed in the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano and cited in Sarah Estep's American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena, Inc Newsletter, Vol 16 No, 2 1997.

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