Monday, May 28, 2007


Those of you who have been hanging around this blog for a while know that I have a pet peeve--strapless wedding dresses. I think they reflect the cheap view of sexuality our society lives on and have no place in a Catholic wedding. My viewpoint, obviously, is a minority opinion.

It was with interest that I read a Zenit article about a Catholic wedding dress designer who is said to be a "vocal promoter of the Catholic idea of the feminine genius in the fashion industry, and insists that the clothes a woman wears can reflect or deflect her dignity, especially on her wedding day." Well, I figured, at last a designer is seeing the light. Alas it is not so.

Apparently Justinna McCaffrey thinks strapless and cleavage are Catholic. Here are pictures of her February dresses from her Stabat Mater Collection. Sigh. Frankly I don't find these dresses any more "Catholic" than anything else on the rack. To be Catholic, it must first be modest, and these just aren't. To name her collection "Stabat Mater" is offensive to the Blessed Virgin.

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