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Once considered the most holy, most devout, most sacrificial part of the Roman Catholic monastic community, do the Trappists bear a large burden for the undermining of Roman Catholic doctrine?

First there is the evidence that I reported more than a year ago of a strange
that took place at the Trappist Monastery in Georgia.

More about the activities of the Trappists can be found at these Running Off links:


As you consider those bits of information, also consider this statement made in the document titled "A Historical Brief of The Gnostic Catholic Ecclesia: Part I":

On July 21, 1913, Louis Francois Giraud consecrated Jean Bricaude, an ex-Trappist monk, (with the name Tau Jean II), in the Gallican Church at Saint-Amond, Roche-Savine. Bricaud had come to his new status with very illustrious credentials, for by this time he held the titles of President de la Societe Occultiste Modaile, Patriarch de L'Eglise Gnostique Universelle, President du Supreme Consiel de L' Ordre Martiniste and Grand Hierophant du Rite Ancient and Primitif de Memphis-Mizraim and Rectuer de la Rose Croix. Tau Jean II gathered in Lyon, France a very strong following of Gnostic clergy and lay folk, and on May 5, 1918, consecrated Victor Blanchard under the name Tau Targilus. Tau Jean fell ill in 1933 and on February 21, 1934 he passed into the light beyond the shadow.

Giraud, too, had been a Trappist, as Susanna pointed out in a comments box below:

On June 21, 1907 Vilatte consecrated a formerly Roman Catholic, former Trappist monk, Louis Marie Francois Giraud, who had been expelled from the Roman Catholic Church for dabbling in magic and the occult. Shortly after this consecration Cardinal Richard issued a warning to the people about apostate priests who were celebrating mass under cover of a pseudo American Bishop, and excommunicated Vilatte a second time. Soon thereafter Vilatte returned to the United States.

The Vilatte succession is outside of the Roman Catholic Church, lodged in the Old Catholic Communion. The question is not established structure, but rather influence. What influence remained behind when these two men left? If two Trappists left for the greener pastures of the Gnostic Church, were there other Trappists from their order(s?) who determined to stay in the Roman Catholic Church and change it from within?

Vilatte, Giraud and Bricaud are names on the tongue of every investigator into the Paris occult revival. These men carried a great deal of influence. Were there others? It is difficult to ignore the present-day activities of the Trappists when looking at it in the light of these details.

One example of the questions raised by this progression of events is this photo report from Tradition in Action sent in by Susanna. Is this what the Cistercians or Trappists are up to these days? It's a far cry from contemplation. It's a far cry from Roman Catholicism. It's much closer to worldly pleasure than anything religious. This Roman Catholic does not understand how what she sees in these pictures can be ignored by the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, unless they somehow see fit to approve of it.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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