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I found your post from Wednesday, February 4, 2004 and am sending it to you in case you want to reuse it. In the article is described the Martinist ties of Eliphas Levi (via Hoene- Wronski) and Towianski's ties to Martinism via Joseph Olsciewicz. It also describes the "Oevre de Dieu" organized by Mickiewicz and Towianski and the "Oevre de Misericorde" founded by Eugene Vintras and how Vintras was so impressed with Towianski's group that he hailed Towianski as "the Messiah." Apparently the "imprimatur" was reciprocal.


That particular blog is titled "Papal Influences Part II". You have to scroll down for it.

One of my greatest problems with researching occultism is trying to remember what I've already found. I've tried several filing systems to keep it straight, and none of them have proven to be effective. There is just too much data: too many names, too many conflicting details, too many cross-arguments about what is true and what is fabrication. It leaves my head spinning on more days than it doesn't. I had forgotten the details of that February blog.

Susanna continues:

Of course, it is not to be forgotten that the Polish Mariavites ( ee Msgr. Cristiani's Evidence of Satan in the Modern World pp. 187-188 ) were a successor to the Vintras cult through a branch led by the notorious Abbe Boullan. The so-called "reintegration" taught and practiced in all these Martinist-connected cults is in many ways similar if not identical to the "Elus Cohen theurgy" of Martinism as originally established by Martines de Pasqually. (Did you see the material I sent you on the "Alumbrados?")

I have not yet looked at Susanna's material on the Alumbrados, but do remember reading about them a couple of years ago. They are part of the Islamic picture which I have not yet researched, but the spelling of Kabbalah--Qabala--is Islamic.

I recently purchased the book by Craig Heimbichner entitled BLOOD ON THE ALTAR. I thought it was very informative. And while I don't necessarily buy into everything he has to say, I did observe that in his book, Mr. Heimbichner reveals an OTO strategy very similar to one I read about many years ago in RAVALETTE: THE ROSICRUCIAN STORY by Paschal Beverly Randolph with a forward by R. Swinburne Clymer.

In the book, RAVALETTE, Randolph is in Paris and enters a "trance" called the "Sleep of Sialam" and starts to prophesy. Among other things, Randolph's "prophecy" describes how a Left wing and a Right wing is to be established with the R.C. Fraternity & Co. operating out of both. While both will actually be moving in a Left-leaning direction, the designated Left wing will constantly be moving so radically to the left that the "Right wing" will be made to appear "conservative by comparison as it "crowds the Left" and occupies the ground vacated by the Left wing as it continues in its radical leftward march.

Here is what Mr. Heimbichner says:

The Left wing of the OTO was breaking the Church down in part so that the Right wing of the OTO could rebuild it, by assuming control, behind the scenes of the anticipated backlash from the Traditionalist survivors of the Left-wing purge. The OTO as described in chapter three, is shaping the Right-wing reaction by putting their agents in place within the leadership of certain priestly fraternities pledged to restore the old ways

(BLOOD ON THE ALTAR: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS SECRET SOCIETY by Carl Heimbichner c.2005 Independent History & Research Coeur d'Alene, Idaho p.106)

Finally, there is the comment of C.S. Lewis who is said to have flirted with the occult before his conversion to Christianity. Mr. Lewis once wrote:

The Devil always sends errors into the world in pairs — pairs of opposites. And he always encourages us to spend a lot of time thinking which is the worse. You see why, of course? He relies on your extra dislike of the one error to draw you gradually into the opposite one.


When I observe the way in which some of these occult groups are being described as "traditional" and/or "conservative," I really have to wonder. For example, Emile Hoffet, who was among the first contributors to "Regnabit" is described as having "launched the Catholic Modernist movement." It seems to me that either somebody is being untruthful or somebody is on glue!

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