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I. No idolatry at JAHG-USA

1. "Against entertaining the thought that there exists a deity except Hashem." (Negative 1)
2. "Against making any graven image [& against having anyone else make one for us]." (Negative 2)
3. "Against making idols for use by others." (Negative 3)
4. "Against making any forbidden statues [even when they are for ornamental purposes]." (Negative 4)
5. "Against bowing to any idol [& not to sacrifice nor to pour libation nor to burn incense before any idol, even where it is not the customary manner of worship to the particular idol]." (Negative 5)
6. "Against worshipping idols in any of their customary manners of worship." (Negative 6)
7. "Against causing our children to pass [through the fire] in the worship of Molech." (Negative 7)
8. "Against practicing Ov." (Negative 8)
9. "Against practicing Yiddoni." (Negative 9)
10. "Against turning to idolatry [in word, in thought, in deed, or by any observance that may draw us to its worship]." (Negative 10)


Idolatry at Noahide Nations.com

Idolatry encompasses what Catholics do in their churches before statues and icons.


From Noahide.org

According to the Rambam's Hilchos Melachim

Avodah Zarah - Idolatry - עבודה זרה

A gentile who worships false gods is liable to the death penalty, provided he worships them in the regular form in which that particular deity is usually worshiped. A gentile is executed for every type of foreign worship which a Jewish court would consider worthy of capital punishment. However, a gentile is not executed for a type of foreign worship which a Jewish court would not deem worthy of capital punishment. Nevertheless, even though a gentile will not be executed for these forms of worship, he is forbidden to engage in all of them. They are not allow them to erect a monument, or to plant an asherah, or to make images and the like, even though they are only for the sake of beauty.


From Chazak

R. Moses Maimonides (Rambam) tought in "Idolotry and the Laws of the Nations" that any belief in the Christian Messiah is idolatry and idolatry under the Noachide Laws is a capital offense.

How can we call this a conspiracy? Because 10 times in the last 20 years Chassidic Jews, followers of the false messiah R. Menachem Schneerson have introduced into public law in the United States of America the declaration that:

"Whereas ethical teachings and values have formed the cornerstone of society since the dawn of civilization and found expression in the Seven Noahide Laws;

Whereas sharing and education represent two pillars of these Laws and of ethical conduct; "

This nation was founded on the principles of the Judeo-Christian bible... a work which does not in any way shape or form any such "Seven Laws of Noah"
To introduce these laws as Public Law under the guise of recognizing the Lubevitch false messiah as a world educator renowed for teaching morality when in fact the laws he teaches demand the decapitation of both Gentile and Jewish believers in Messiah should be an affront to all free peoples of this world!

You can read the entire Public Law 103-14 here

Here is a Real Audio live debate on the Noahide Laws between Rav Yossef and Rabbi Dak
What can you do?

As a believer in Y'shua/Jesus

1. Speak boldly against this cultic device - tell the world about the lies of the ultra-orthodox antimissionaries and their device to rid the world of believers


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