Monday, April 09, 2007


Weatherwise, it's always unpredictable. Here in the Akron area yesterday, the roads were passable. At Mass there were lots of winter coats. I saw only one corsage, and only one or two families in Easter outfits. But in talking with our relatives in the Cleveland area, we learned that some of them were unable to get to Mass at all because they had a foot of snow on the ground and it continued to fall.

Yesterday would have made a lovely Christmas. For Easter it was the pits. As things turned out, it was fortunate that we had a very low-key Easter planned anyway, and the day turned out to be better than expected.

Today the temp. is 30 on the garage thermometer, and the snow alternates with green grass everywhere still. A warming trend is due tomorrow.

My chocolate Easter rabbit still has his head.

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