Sunday, April 01, 2007


The campaign is in full swing again. For several years now I have not contributed to it because I discovered that in my diocese use has been made of the money which was not in conjunction with the teachings of the Roman Catholic faith.

Yet we are told to give to the poor, and not doing so bothers my conscience. I've used various charities to try to overcome this difficulty, but it has always been a stop-gap measure. I have also set aside the funds and even considered burning the money as an offering to God. None of these solutions have been satisfactory, but I may have hit on a better solution.

Bishop Bruskewitz is faithful to the teachings of the Church. I believe he tends to run his diocese in accordance with those teachings. To the best of my knowledge he is trustworthy. So I looked up Catholic Charities in the Lincoln diocese to see what would turn up. Out there it's called "Catholic Social Services" and the Executive Director is Rev. Christopher Kubat.

Here is the website.

I was not able to find anything connected with them that is contrary to the faith, but admittedly I didn't spend a lot of time on it. I'm relying on the faithfulness of Bishop Bruskewitz.

I am seriously considering contributing to this organization this year, and earmarking the contribution for the St. Francis Food Pantry which is explained under the link for Emergency Services.

If anyone knows of irregularities in this charitable organization which remove it from authentic Roman Catholic belief, would you please post your concerns in the comments box. I'll wait a few days before making the donation to be sure this is an acceptable way to handle it.

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