Friday, April 06, 2007


Our woman in the street reports from the Hotel Neulasta in the Marrow District that flaring tempers have resulted in actual physical assaults as a result of overbooking. It seems that rooms in the village are at a premium during the skirmishes, and Neulasta wanted to avoid any economic impact from cancellations, so they doublebooked every room.

One encounter in an elevator nearly resulted in fatalities as the car was actually tipped off-center while descending. Fortunately the mechanism has built-in recovery strategies that righted it.

There have been several fist-fights in hallways as weary travelers attempt to secure the dwindling rooms for themselves. Cots were brought in and placed at the extremities to provide some accommodation to overflow. The bar will remain open all night offering chemical inducements to calm, though it is not expected that guests will spend much time sleeping before dawn. At the moment no resolution is in sight.

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