Wednesday, April 04, 2007

As well, it is important to remember that the chief objection of many Jews to the Cross and Jesus have to do with the too-long promulgated understanding that Christians worship three distinct Gods!

With those words Shir Ha-Magreyfah has pinpointed in a comments box the precise difficulty under which we are laboring. Can Jews accept that Christians--Catholics--are not idolators? If it is not possible to accept that, we cannot move forward. The Noahide Laws can make no sense--can be no guide to a Christian if Christians are placed beyond the pale into the land of idolators. It is not conducive to dialogue to threaten to cut off your dialogue partner's head.

I understand the segment of the Jewish community that wishes to defend to the death the unity of God. I also wish to defend it. How, though, can I sympathize with them and find common ground when it is my own head on the chopping block? What options are open within Judaism for those with a belief in Trinity? What options are open within Judaism for a belief in Christ as Son of God?

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