Thursday, March 08, 2007


at Canonbury Masonic Research Center include

"Enoch & the Book of Genesis" - Philip Davies
"The Death & Resurrection of Christian Rosencreutz" - Robert Gilbert
"Chiswick House - A Masonic Temple in West London? - Ricky Pound & Matthew Scanlan
"Cosmic Consciousness" - Colin Wilson
"The Development of Modern Martinism" - Michael Buckley

The 2007 conference at Canonbury is themed "Vision of Utopia". Also offered at the conference website is a collection of papers titled "Freemasonry and Religion: Many Faiths, One Brotherhood."

The Book of Enoch has been a source cited in the Jewish Encyclopedia entry for "Cabala" numerous times. Now it is the source of the February 21, 2007 lecture at Canonbury. The description of the lecture indicates the Dead Sea Scrolls are a source of information used.

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