Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I've gotten some news recently that will affect the time I have to spend blogging.

In short, I have inflammatory breast cancer, and will be taking chemotherapy after which I will have surgery, and then possibly more chemo or radiation.

IBC is a rare but agressive form of breast cancer. It can't be ignored. Neither can treatment be delayed. Survival rate is 40% to 50% after five years, depending upon which statistic one is reading.

So for however many weeks I have to deal with this, I will be in and out of the blog as time permits. Right now on my calendar are four different scans, and two doctor's appointments just in the next week. When chemo begins, there is the nausea to deal with and the exhaustion, which might mean that I will have to spend my energy doing the necessary stuff like laundry and cooking and have no time for research. But that's just my best guess. We shall see what we shall see.

I'd appreciate a prayer if you're so inclined. In any case, it's in God's hands, and God is good.

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