Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Recent events in Poland provoked by the continuing investigation into who did and who did not cooperate with the Communists have caused some Catholics to speculate that it might be possible that John Paul II was one who did.

In the light of that, was it prudent to rush the examination of the life of the former pope with the intent to canonize him speedily? Do we need a saint with a Communist cloud hanging over his head?

It was Benedict who dispensed with the five-year waiting period. It was Benedict who recently chose an archbishop for Poland who subsequently admitted he had cooperated with the Communists. It came out that this information had been withheld from the pope, leading to a speculation that other information may be withheld from the pope as well.

Let's hope that the saint mill in Rome will shift into lower gear, and that the questions about John Paul II can be resolved satisfactorily prior to his canonization.

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