Saturday, March 10, 2007


The biopsy site is draining. All last week it bled. Now that the stitches have been removed it is draining a yellowish fluid. Not a big deal if I'm at home, but I have a date with friends to see Cirque at E.J. this afternoon, and I've just discovered that the sweatshirt I have on now has a large wet patch in a place that is totally embarrassing. The sweater I had planned to wear is close fitting, and it's the only thing in the closet that will go with the skirt I bought for this event.

Add to this the fact that I got my hair cut very short yesterday in preparation for the coming fall-out, so I already look less than feminine, and the skirt was going to balance the short haircut.

Still not a big deal, right? But a lot of little deals are starting to add up to be annoying.

I can stuff the bra with gauze pads that may be sufficient to contain it, but that one is already larger than its normal-size mate, so only so much stuffing is reasonable. This is ridiculous!

Ok, I realize you didn't want to know those little details....



It was a good show, but not as good at Cirque de Soleil in Vegas.

Oh, and God bless the person who invented Saran wrap!

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