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The working relationship between Jan Leene and Mrs. Henny Stok-Huizer, in the Netherlands, with Antonin Gadal is introduced here. The meeting of the three is said to have sealed the Brotherhood of of the Holy Grail, the Cathars and the Rosycross into an alliance.

The symbol of this Threefold Alliance of the Light contains the square, the circle, and the triangle as depicted here, and here.

The School of the Golden Rosycross is pictured here. Gadal became the president of the French section of the Dutch Association Lectorium Rosicrucianum which had been born in 1924 which offered a synthesis between faith and reason in the tradition of Jacob Boehme, Johann Valentin Andreae and others--a universal religion.

The Threefold Alliance of the Light expects there will one day be an awakening:

‘The Elder Brothers of mankind look forward to a mighty awakening which could cross the whole world like a storm. This awakening will require a complete renewal of life, an “imitation of Christ”, thus putting an end to the life centered on the ego and directed toward the earth.

The Alliance has placed a monument in Ussat-les-Bains in the Ariege valley--"a cubic granite monument, surrounded by a circle of stones" on one side of which is an inscription dedicating it to the Threefold Alliance of the Light: Grail, Cathars and Rosycross. This monument represents the currently existing gnostic community.

The website tells us that this "rough stone" must be carved into a "cubic stone" or a "philosopher's stone" by the candidate of the Mysteries, language reminiscent of the Masonic Blue Lodge.

Conquering the light is the goal of the Threefold Alliance. This conquering takes place apart from doctrinal considerations, making it appear that each man is a religion unto himself. Have shades of this thinking become part of the Charismatic movement?

Taking their clues from the Egyptian mysteries, Cathars seek to be born a second time after a season of endurance in the caves, likening it to the time Jonah spent in the belly of the whale.

The opposition to Catholicism is expressed again here.

The Middle Ages was a time of splendor and brotherhood, and the Universal Brotherhood was spreading its Temple of the Spirit far and wide. From the Cathars in Occitania, the Manicheans in Asia and Bulgaria, Rosicrucians in northern Europe and the Templars of the Middle East in Europe spread a pure Christianity – a true apostolic Christianity.

However the French Crown joined with the Pope to destroy the Temple of the Spirit; the crusade against the Cathars was called the ‘Albigensian Crusade’; there was an endless persecution of the Cathars during one hundred and twenty years; and there was the complete destruction of the Templars along with the destruction of their archives and ritual material; there were the ‘Sicilian Vespers of the absolute monarchy against Christian esotericism’.

The anticipated end of mankind is spelled out in the last webpage of this section:

Thus, the human soul, which has received from Lucifer his ego with the unquenchable thirst of the growing individuality, will be filled, drop by drop, with the divine love emanating from Christ.

When the human soul will have understood the full scope of its sacrifice and fulfilled its mission, the archangel Lucifer, liberated and brighter than ever, will have become again the god of the planet Venus, which has been kept for him since the beginning and for which he continues to have a burning nostalgia.

At this moment, Christ will be completely identified with the earth and with mankind. The black cross, symbol of sin, atonement and death, will have become the white cross, the cross of light, a shining sign of the resurrection from which the roses of eternal love are poured, like living, angelic, scented roses.

That is the hoped for final redemption of the Threefold Alliance of the Light. The reign of Antichrist?

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