Friday, February 16, 2007


Why Catholic kids come home from Catholic college no longer Catholic...

LifeSiteNews.com reports that two professors who teach ethics at the University of Detroit Mercy proudly display their pro-abortion stance:

Dr. [Gloria H.] Albrecht, an associate Professor of Religion and Ethics who “teaches business and economic ethics, feminist ethics and theology, and women's studies” according to UDM’s website, has an "I am Pro-Choice America" sticker, the current motto of the abortion lobby NARAL, on her name plate. Dr. Albrecht, who holds a S.T.M. (Masters in Sacred Theology) degree from St. Mary's Seminary (Baltimore) and joined the University in 1992, has also signed an endorsement of same-sex “marriage” with the homosexual advocacy group “Freedom to Marry”.

However, Dr. Elizabeth A. Oljar, Assistant Professor and Chair of Philosophy, whose “area of expertise is ethics” nuances her public abortion position with the bumper sticker atop her door: “JUST SAY NO TO SEX WITH PRO-LIFERS”. Dr. Oljar “teaches ethical theory, applied ethics, philosophy of law, political philosophy” and has been with UDM since 1996.

The article also links a picture of the door provided by Matt C. Abbott.

Dare we hope that the bishops, of whom Samuel J. Aquila is a shining example, who are beginning to take a stand on pro-abortion politicians, will eventually take action to oversee the Catholic colleges in their dioceses as well? I'm not ready to put money on it yet.

Contact addresses for the President of the University of Detroit Mercy and Cardinal Maida are posted at the LifeSite website.

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