Thursday, February 15, 2007


"Crisis" magazine has devoted the entire current issue to a report on "The State of the Catholic Church in America Diocese by Diocese". Lots of statistics in there for you statisticians.

I looked it over last night, but haven't actually read the material yet. It does appear as though the smaller dioceses are healthy and larger ones not so healthy, making me wonder what is in store for parishes as we move toward megachurches. It also looks as though the Church is flourishing in the South and suffering in the Northeast.

Cleveland made the list in only one category, the one that ranked every American diocese. We're somewhere in the middle.

Thanks to a reader for letting me know the report is online.

Meanwhile, here in Cleveland, statistics came in the mail today and are also available on the Diocesan website. They show that the Sunday collection, all parishes combined, is up for 2006 over 2005, indicating to me that Catholics in my diocese have chosen not to demand accountability from the chancery. No surprise there.

I wonder what it would take for Catholics to take notice of the state of their diocese and actually get concerned about it? Clearly they are not doing so in Cleveland. One wonders what the bishop would have to do to actually get the laity's attention. Whatever it takes, they haven't done it yet here.

Merrily we roll along...

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