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These two organizations profess beliefs so similar as to be almost the same philosophy, and it is a philosophy increasingly appearing in the Roman Catholic Church.

"Deus Caritas Est" - God Is Love.

That is the title of Benedict XVI's encyclical. It is the motto of Catharism. To quote a passage from the Gadal Catharisme website:

God is Love. These words often resounded in the mouths of the Perfect Ones, the "Bonshommes, the "Good Men".

The question of whether Hell is empty and whether even Lucifer will ultimately be saved in another of the questions that has surfaced in Roman Catholicism.

Catharism claims:

By their repentance, the souls participate in the blessing of the universal Redemption, whose Goodness does not even exclude Lucibel, "the fallen archangel". (Origen).

Within the religion of love

- no eternal damnation: all will come back one day to the original Kingdom, even Lucibel, the fallen archangel.

Catharism also claims there is no vengeful God.

The Cathar doctrine of Christ freeing all souls from hell is delivered in iconographic form here.

Another page in the Antonin Gadal website tells us:

Doctrine, Gnosis, Pyrenean Grail, Druidism, the Sabarthes, a little history, the Inquisition tribunal of Pamiers, all presented that beautiful Kingdom of Love, which provoked the bloody hatred of the corrupted clergy of the Middle Ages and which Rome annihilated with a pitiless hand.

It is not a call for hatred or revenge, as I have often written or repeated. We cannot be a Cathar if we are not able to forgive: “God is Love!”… It is the summary of that “path of the Holy Grail”, so beautiful, so long and so difficult, which leads to the sanctification in Christ, goal of any initiation, supreme way to Goodness, Beauty and Love.

What does matter are the sources, not the numerous councils held by Rome to fight ideas or men who would not submit to “dogma and to a faith without insight”.’

Of course if there is no eternal damnation and no vengeful God, it is a short step into sin because there is no motivation to avoid it.

Seattle Catholic took note of this universal salvation that is creeping into Roman Catholicism in the April 2004 issue:

One of the most pernicious errors that plagues the Catholic Church today is creeping universalism. While few will come out and baldly state that no one is damned to Hell, the door is left open to that conclusion by writers such as Hans Urs von Balthasar in his book Dare We Hope "That All Men Be Saved"? We have seen this played out in the pages of the NEW OXFORD REVIEW (Jan. 2001, Jul.-Aug. 2001, Oct. 2001), as the universalist tendencies of Fr. Richard John Neuhaus have come under scrutiny. And I have encountered any number of relatively prominent Catholic apologists who argue vociferously (although privately) in favor of the view that we cannot know for certain, based on Scripture and Tradition, that there are any human souls in Hell.

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