Monday, February 05, 2007


Catholics who refuse to obey.

The bishops have the final say where apparitions are concerned. Down through history, visionaries who have been silenced by their bishop have remained silent in obedience. God has always worked through this humble submission to the bishop.

Yet despite the conclusion of the bishop that her visions are not supernatural, that the investigation is over, that the Church has spoken, Talone-Sullivan said "There needs to be open dialogue. People can believe or not believe." That attitude of defiance of the local bishop is a sign of a false visionary.

She has supporters who are promoting her events and apparently helping to pay for them since they are no longer permitted to take place in a church. Crowds are increasing. One assumes that the crowds consist of Catholics who wish to get a glimpse of the Blessed Virgin, yet why would they hope to do so through a visionary who has been declared by the Church to be witnessing nothing supernatural?

This is flagrant disobedience on the right in an area of spirituality where the man in the pew is not equipped to make a judgment call.

You can read the Spirit Daily-linked story here.

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