Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The following comes from Fr. Paul Trinchard's book APOSTATES WITHIN: THE DEMONIC IN THE (CATHOLIC) AMERICAN CHURCH. It is one of many examples he gives:

Rule by confusion is a favorite tool of diabolically feminine leaders. They have abandoned allegiance to God and to his church in order to advance and/or preserve their sinful goals. In place of allegiance to God, they have substituted allegiance to people.

Lastly, we, the militantly orthodox, must realize we are at times dealing with "professional confusers." First of all, they will try to confuse us
as to what we see. Secondly, they will try to confuse us about God's truth or the Church's true teachings. Then, they will try to confuse us about our convictions--trying to get us to see right as wrong and wrong as right. Finally, they often lead us to embrace currently popular lies by forcing us to follow their "experts" who wholeheartedly embrace currently popular lies--either in the form of truths as lies or lies as truths. (p. 70-71) (all emphasis in original)

That's a perfect description of chaos magick.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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