Monday, February 19, 2007


The Echo of Medjugorje

And again.

In fact if you Google "Medjugorje" with "echo", you will get 25,700 hits. Medjugorje, of course, is an unapproved apparition.

In the Sybilline Prophecies by Isis Moon at the Goddess Mystery School, where you can read:

Our Lady’s warnings in The Sybilline prophecies, are an echo of Her numerous earlier warnings around the globe, as the Blessed Virgin Mary . For example, in 1961, in Garabandal , Spain, Her messengers reported the following Marian warnings:
“ The cup is already filling and if we do not amend our lives, there will come great chastisement.”( Ray Stanford. Fatima Prophecy. New York: Ballantine Books,1988, p.39.)
The cup is full because Our Lady is simply “fed up” with Perpetual Matricide. If we persist in ignoring Her multiple warnings, the consequences would be absolutely horrible: the End Time will be dramatic, bloody and nightmarish. It is the Terrible Mother, the Angry Mother, who would bring it upon us. There are chilling descriptions of the End Time, in my monumental work, Prophecies and Revelations of the Divine Mother, mentioned earlier.
A word of advice: DO NOT DISREGARD OUR LADY’S WARNINGS ON ANY ACCOUNT, individually or collectively. Our Lady is an awesome Cosmic Power that can wipe us out in the blink of an eye! Simply put, we cannot afford to antagonize Her any further! I know enough about Our Lady’s Cosmic Anger to say, without risk of error, that She is an explosive time bomb. This bomb is ticking. It needs defusing. It is in our interest to pacify Our Lady and win Her heart by all means.

There's a lot more in the website, but you get the idea.

The New Age Echo also promulgates messages. The heart of the messages would appear to be that all religions are equal.

When someone is talking about an echo, the most important question is who or what is the source.

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