Tuesday, February 20, 2007


David Portney reveals the dangers in pursuing the Law of Attraction known as "The Secret" that Oprah is promoting, and offers to provide a lecture free of charge:

Everyone is talking about 'The Secret- and the 'law of attraction- hyped in the movie by self-proclaimed 'gurus- of self-help. Even Oprah recently ran a show featuring the movie. The problem? Those self-help 'gurus- are promoting pseudo-science that can ruin people's lives.

'Evidently, ‘magical thinking' is alive and well here in the 21st Century- asserts author David Portney. 'The
self-appointed gurus of self-help are teaching people dangerous lies: for example, that sitting around visualizing your goals & dreams will make them come true. If that's true, how come every person that buys lottery tickets & visualizes winning, is not winning the lottery?

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