Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The San Diego diocese has filed for bankruptcy, making it the fifth to do so. This can be viewed two ways:

1. It is a legitimate strategy to assure that all victims will be fairly compensated for endured sexual abuse

2. It is a legal strategy to assure that the ugly details of diocesan secrets are kept under wraps.

Draw your own conclusions.


Another mystic bites the dust, temporarily at least. This one is said to be the new Padre Pio. He exhibits the stigmata every Easter. He has established his own community called the Apostles of God, and goes by the name Bro. Elia or Bro. Elijah, depending upon the source.


There is a developing showdown in Canada taking place between homosexuals and Christian/private schools. Will religious freedom prevail?


Al Gore gets the hypocrisy award of the year for consumption of electricity at his home--20 times the average. Sort of like all the peaceniks who promote conservation while jet-setting around the world attending peace conferences that accomplish...well, nothing discernible.


Romanian bishops believe fat bellies are telltale signs of priests living a good life. They recommend marathon prayer sessions and disapprove of sports as a solution.

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