Saturday, February 24, 2007


in this homily at his website. This is pure, unadulterated Roman Catholicism of the pre-Vatican II Church, and of the sort that is still contained in the CCC. Nothing here calls into question any tenet of the Catholic faith. It is simple, straightforward Catholic doctrine. Refreshing, but also challenging, and convicting in the sense that it reminds me how far short of the ideal my days tend to fall. With a sense of guilt comes change, and with change comes a renewed hope for both the individual and the Church.

He talks about original sin, the inclination to sin, the source of temptation, Satan, the need to avoid occasions of temptation. Written between each line is a pattern that can lead to holiness if we choose to take it up.

Can we clone him? If it were possible, I'd put in an early bid for one of the clones to come to the Akron area and work this mission field. Since it's not possible, at least he is available on the web any time we need him. For now, at least. Until one of our liberal shepherds decides he needs to vanish.

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