Friday, February 09, 2007


A reader sent in a link to the new parish clusters that can be seen on the Diocesan website. Some are as expected but some are...interesting. I found at least one combination of ultra-conservative parish linked with liberal parish. Wonder how that is going to work out.

Ohio.com has covered the story. There are a few comments. One commenter was positive. One commenter referred to Bishop Lennon as the "Boston Strangler." Another commenter noted:

I live in Lorain County, in Avon, and I'm not very optimistic with the pairing of the two churches St. Mary's and Holy Trinity. There has been so much animosity grown between the two current principals at the schools, I just don't see how this partnership will benefit either parish with all the backbiting and badmouthing that has gone on. I wonder if the diocese will address the schools

Strangely enough there is not even a hint of clustering at St. Bernards over the last many weeks. Considering the size of the church, perhaps this is a cluster all by itself. I spoke with someone who is a regular at St. Bernards who didn't even know about the plans to cluster parishes until speaking with me.

Merrily we roll along...

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